The team

The board of directors of a non-profit organization and that of a business hold many similarities. As the highest decision-making body, the board assumes all responsibility for the organization.

The ChinaNext Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of unpaid independent individuals that are elected on anannual basis. The current Board first convened on March 11, 2017. From 2017-2020, the Board, consisting of five directors and one supervisor, will guide and oversee the Foundation.


The responsibilities of the Board of Directors:


1. Simultaneously represent the donors and the public by supervising the Foundation’s operations; ensure organizational openness and transparency while guaranteeing the rights and interests of donors and the public 

2. Appoint and remove senior managers of the organization, approve budgets and decide on other major matters (such as amending the articles of association)

3. Deepen the Foundation’s external impact, acquire resources and actively serve the mission of the organization

4. Provide expert consultation for the Foundation and its service recipients to the full extent of the Board’s capability


We warmly welcome you to join us as a part of the supervisory body of the Foundation. If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints, please contact us via email:


Current  Board

Leo L Liao, Chairman of the Board

Since July 2012

Mr. Liao is the founder and chief investment officer of CapitalNext Group, an asset management business based in Beijing that aims to utilize the power of capital for social progress. With ten years of experience in investment management, he was previously a global market investment manager at Investec Asset Management and Orbis Investment Advisory. In addition to his financial expertise, Mr. Liao has made great contributions to the fields of social innovation and regional development. In 2012, he collaborated with the Chinese Youth Development Foundation to form the "ChinaNext Public Welfare Plan". Using the plan as a foundation, he launched the Shanghai ChinaNext Public Welfare Development Center in 2016. In March 2017, he was elected as the Chairman of the Board. Mr. Liao graduated from Tsinghua University and Cambridge University. He also holds an Executive MBA degree from the London Business School.

Benliang Xu, Director

Since January 2015 

Mr. Xu is the deputy director of the Department of Social Sciences and director of the Division of Continuing Education at the Shanghai Second Polytechnic University. He has committed himself to public welfare for twenty years and has worked extensively with entrepreneurship education for seventeen years. Throughout his career, Mr. Xu has accumulated rich experience in operating public welfare institutions, developing and managing public projects, fundraising and numerous other aspects of social entrepreneurship. He has planned and facilitated many influential and impactful charitable education programs and has assisted more than a thousand social organizations with capacity building, training, consulting and strategic planning. In January 2015, Mr. Xu began serving as a mentor to the "ChinaNext Public Welfare Plan". He later became one of the founding members of the Shanghai ChinaNext Public Welfare Development Center in 2016. In March 2017, he was once again elected as a member of the Board of Directors.

Xuan Lu, Director

Since March 2017

Mr. Lu received his Bachelor of Law from Fudan University and Masters of Law from the East China University of Political Science and Law. He is the founder and director of the Legal Center for NGO (a pioneer in providing professional legal services to NGOs in China) and works as an associate lawyer at DLF Lawyer. Mr. Lu is also the executive director of the Public Welfare and Law Research Center at the Sun Yat-sen University Institute for Philanthropy Research, and he serves as the deputy secretary of the Research Association of Philanthropy and Law at the Shanghai Law Academy. In 2003, he joined Grassroots Community, a Shanghai-based community youth volunteer association, and started devoting himself to public welfare. After two years, he assumed the role of director at Grassroots Community and further enriched his experiences in community service work and the management of public welfare institutions. In March 2017, he was elected as a member of the Board of Directors.

Hao Li, Director

Since June 2018

Mr. Li is the founder and chairman of China Talent Group. He received his EMBA from the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and currently serves as an entrepreneurship mentor for CEIBS. As a successful entrepreneur himself, he developed a model for fostering entrepreneurial talent and transformed China Talent Group into a leading Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) service provider in China. At the same time, he has consistently engaged with the field of public welfare. In 2013, he established the Anhui Li Ensan Charitable Foundation and won several major awards for his contribution to public welfare. In June 2016, he was elected as a member of the Board of Directors.

Current Supervisor(s)

CNF is separately supervised by independent Supervision board according to the Chinese charity laws and regulations.

Weiping Huang, Supervisor

Mr. Huang is the director of the Shanghai Hand in Hand Life Care and Development Center. He previously worked in business and commerce. In 2005, he transformed his career in search of more meaningful work and started studying psychology. Due to his participation in relief efforts for the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Mr. Huang saw firsthand how fragile yet tenacious life can be. In the same year, he founded the non-profit Hand in Hand to transform hospice care in China and to promote policy changes related to the field. In 2012, he left Hand in Hand to begin designing a life and death museum, which he hopes will better educate the public on the connection between societal progress and the study of human development across a lifespan.