ChinaNext Foundation | Congratulations to Miao Wang, NextLeader of Better Blue, for Passing Our NextLeader Project Quality Assessment

    2020-12-08 17:47:24

This is an announcement of the review results from “ChinaNext NextLeader Project Quality Standard Assessment.”

— Congratulations to China NextLeader of Better Blue, Miao Wang for passing the assessment.

From the 20th to 28th of November, ChinaNext Foundation conducted the internal NextLeader project quality assessment for Miao Wang, the chief executive of Better Blue. The “ChinaNext NextLeader Project Quality Standard Assessment” is in place to ensure that the quality standards of NextLeader Projects are effectively reached, also to effectively test ChinaNext’s mission of “creating effective modern charity leaders”.  The ”Quality Evaluation and Qualification Confirmation Mechanism for NextLeaders” document separates the evaluation process into three stages:

  1. Self-assessment of the NextLeaders; 

  2. Tripartite expert assessment (the board member overseeing the NextLeader’s Project, representatives of major investors, and experts in the relevant Charity field);

  3. Voting through the NextLeader Assembly. 

This assessment was conducted by Mr. Liao Liyuan, the board member overseeing the Better Blue; Mr. Wu Lizhu(Head of joint fundraising of of Chengmei Charity Foundation); and Mr. Liu Yonglong, an expert in the field of public welfare (Director of Shanghai Rendu Marine  Public Welfare Development Centre).

Based on Miao Wang’s self-assessment report, and assessment guidelines, the expert assessment team expressed their opinions to evaluate the project. These opinions, along with the self-assessment, were then presented to the NextLeader Assembly for voting.

The resolutions of the NextLeader Assembly are reported as follows:

A total of 4 NextLeaders participated in the voting at this NextLeader Assembly, these votes results were then submitted to the board of directors for final confirmation. According to Article 14 of the Rules of Procedure of the NextLeader Assembly, “NextLeaders who have not voted by the end of the deliberations shall be regarded as affirmative votes.”

Miao Wang, the CEO of BetterBlue, received 9 votes in favour. The board of directors confirmed that this was valid, so it is announced: From December 2017 to November 2020, since the day  Better Blue first joined ChinaNext foundation, it operations during this time period passed “Tomorrow’s Chief Executive’s Project Quality Standard Assessment”. It is confirmed that Miao Wang, the NextLeader of Better Blue shall continue her position of the NextLeader of Better Blue, and remained entitled to the associated rights and privileges.

The results of this evaluation are valid until the next evaluation of the NextLeader of Better Blue.

Attachment 1: Evaluation Summary for Wang Miao

Attachment 2: Voting Results

ChinaNext Headquarters,

8th of December, 2020